venerdì, novembre 03, 2006

Trailer Shadow Puppets

Nuovo trailer in occasione di un evento molto importante:
-The AFM is open to the entire film community, including agents, attorneys, bankers, directors, film commissioners, filmmakers, producers, writers, and all those who provide services to the motion picture industry. Over 8,000 leaders in production and distribution will converge in Santa Monica for eight days of screenings, deal-making and hospitality at the world's largest motion picture trade event.and this info about the movie. The business of independent motion picture production and distribution - a truly collaborative process - reaches its peak every year at the American Film Market. Over 8,000 industry leaders converge in Santa Monica for eight days of deal-making, screenings, seminars, red carpet premieres, networking and parties. Participants come from over 70 countries and include acquisition and development executives, agents, attorneys, directors, distributors, festival directors, financiers, film commissioners, producers, writers, the world’s press all those who provide services to the motion picture industry. Founded in 1981, the American Film Market (AFM) has grown steadily to become the premiere global marketplace where Hollywood’s decision-makers and trendsetters all gather under one roof. Unlike a film festival, the AFM is a marketplace where production and distribution deals are closed. The AFM transforms Santa Monica. Participants may view more than 900 screenings of approximately 500 films - 31 new films every two hours - the majority of them world or U.S. premieres. Titles range from big budget blockbusters that will be released by the major studios in the U.S., to lower budget art and genre films recognized at international film festivals, all destined for theaters and television around the world.
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